Windows 7 Professional 32/64 Bit License Key.

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Windows 7 Professional 32/64 Bit License Key.

Windows 7 Professional offers enhanced productivity and security, empowering you to work from anywhere with ease. Compatible with a wide range of applications and devices, it simplifies networking, provides robust troubleshooting tools, and offers features like Windows XP Mode for seamless operation. With advanced backup options and encryption, your data stays protected, while intuitive features like Location-Aware Printing and Windows Desktop Search streamline your workflow.


1. Application/Device Compatibility: Seamlessly compatible with most software and devices, ensuring smooth transitions from previous Windows versions.
2. Windows XP Mode: Run Windows XP productivity applications directly from the Windows 7 desktop.
3. Networking: Easily and securely add PCs to the network, and share files and printers among multiple Windows 7 PCs with HomeGroup.
4. Action Center and Diagnostics: Powerful troubleshooting tools simplify IT issue resolution, reducing costs.
5. Remote Desktop Host: Access documents and programs remotely from another computer.
6. Windows Desktop Search: Quickly find files, applications, or Control Panel items with a simple search.
7. Location-Aware Printing: Automatically sends documents to the correct printer based on your location.
8. Windows Defender: Protection against spyware and other malicious software.
9. Encrypting File System: User-level encryption for strong data protection and control.
10. Previous Versions: Restore previous versions of files that have been deleted or changed.
11. Advanced Backup and Restore: Backup data to a network location and encrypt files on your PC for added security.


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