What is Web Development?

Web development is the technical work involved in creating a Web site from scratch or a Web Intranet for the Internet. Web development may range from building a simple single static webpage of text to very complex Web-based applications, online businesses, e-commerce, social network services, and other online services.

Web Development
Web Development Process

Web development requires the use of many programs, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java Script, and a whole lot of other things. The programmer must also know how to use various scripting languages such as ASP and Perl, which are used to create interactive web pages. Web development software is a must for such technical jobs.

Web developers may have to do a lot of programming. Many web designers who are working as freelancers and are not employed by any firm may only be doing small parts of the entire work.

They may have to be skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, etc., but they also need to be knowledgeable about networking, computer programming, database, website design, and so on.

Web developers also have to do a lot of writing. They usually have to write the web pages, the Meta-tags, the HTML code, the server-side scripting and many other things. Web programmers are also known to write e-books and other written material on their own, even if they have a limited technical background.

The best web developers work with other programmers and designers to develop the overall site and make it interactive and user friendly.

Web developers can be hired by small firms, start-up companies, large companies, and by the government. Many times a web developer is not even paid by the client.

Instead, he is paid by the client and gets a fixed fee. Usually, web developers work on projects on their own and make their own schedules, but there are also times when they work on client projects.

In recent years the web development industry has become more sophisticated. Today, you can hire Web Designers who can specialize in the fields of mobile, gaming, social networking, e-commerce, and business-to-business websites.

Web-design software is becoming a vital tool for webmasters because it provides them with the tools they need to build web sites that are search engine friendly, attractive, and user-friendly.

Web developers are the ones who are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the websites. This is where the web design begins. Web designers create the HTML documents that contain the web pages, while the web developers, create the scripts and other aspects of the site.

Web developers can work for clients on a freelance basis, but this is a very risky job. Some web designers can be hired by companies as full-time employees and are paid a large salary.

They have to do heavy programming themselves because most web developers don’t have the required skills. Most web designers have to find other jobs besides web development such as web designers for other businesses.

Web designers are now starting to specialize in only certain areas and that is why it is so important to work with a web design company. The best ones can provide the clients with highly detailed designs, which make the website more attractive and easier to navigate.

There are several web design companies that can help clients. For example, some web designers specialize in flash development, others can do Java script, while some focus on developing an online store, blog, or website for the elderly.

Another specialty is creating custom web sites, which allow the company to provide different services like e-commerce solutions, shopping carts, affiliate management, email marketing, and more. Web design companies can create websites for both the individual and the larger corporations.

There are a few web design companies that focus on creating websites that are not related to the industry. Web developers are also able to work on non-commercial websites, which include websites for individuals and businesses. Such websites include dating sites, social networking sites, medical websites, business portals, and many others.

You will also be able to find web design companies that can offer SEO services. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve the website’s page rank in search engines. This type of service is most helpful if the website is for your own personal use and does not require a major change.

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