Almost 4.5 billion people are using the internet every day for watching videos, listening to music.
Browsing the web, or spending their time on social media. The numbers keep rising day by day and whenever there are more people present there will be use marketing opportunities.
this is where the term digital marketing jobs were created.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is understanding the basic need of the general population and providing them services while generating revenues digitally.
Digital Marketing is considered a new way to approach customers in firms like mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels.
Some marketing experts say that digital marketing has no boundaries and unlimited opportunities lie there.


Tradition marketing is done by showing ads in printed forms, similarly in Digital Marketing ads are shown digitally.
To grab a specific set of audience.
Have you ever notices that whenever you search something the top three results from google have an add tag on them or you have ever wondered why ads are shown on social media or blog posts.
If you ever saw that you’ve already come in contact with Digital Marketing without ever noising.

There are 8 big categories for Digital Marketing Jobs which are –

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

2. Search engine marketing (SEM)

3. Content marketing

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

5. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

6. Affiliate marketing

7. Email marketing

8. Freelancing

Let’s dive a little deeper to understand these basic branches of Digital Marketing to get the full knowledge of Digital marketing before moving ahead.

1. Search engine optimization Jobs

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization is a simple means to make your blog rank higher in search results of engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

SEO is a type of digital marketing tactic in which you try to make your website SEO friendly to rank it on the first few pages and afterwords you get money by showing adds on it.

Search engine optimization Jobs

Have you ever wondered how many blog posts are written daily and how much traffic they generate, if not let us explain further?

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Alone 2 Million WordPress blogs are written everyday which makes 1200 blogs every minute and 24 blogs every second.
If we have to count the total number of blogs written then centuries will pass and we still won’t get closer to the original number. That’s a huge right, think why so many people are generating content for the internet, they must gain something from it.

2. Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is called SEM in short, it is a term related to SEO because it involves the same tactic but by paying money.

Search engine marketing

In SEM we pay the search engines to show our content to users in the front pages.
Whenever you open google or other search engines some news or updates are present there in the form of a feed.
These feed mainly redirects to someones else blog or their web-sight which is generally achieved by SEM. Many blogs and companies pay search engines so their sights can rank first on the engine’s page.

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing cover all Blogs, Posts, Tweets, YouTube Videos, etc but content marketing is being used well before that era because content marketing is generally to provide information, news, or a story.

Digital Marketing

In content marketing is a long term Digital Marketing solution.
It takes years to get a loyal audience with long days of high-quality content.
Today everyone is trying content writing as a part-time and making money out of it via adds or selling some kind of merch or products.

Content marinating has gained too much of completion within a few years due to the ease of connecting to the internet and cheap prices you have to pay for it.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is also called SMM.
The people who do Social Media Marketing are nowadays called Social Media Influences.
It also works like content writing with just a little change and that is the content is generally in video or photo form incited of articles.

Digital Marketing Jobs

In social media marketing influences generally make money by using social media platforms like –


– Twitter.

– LinkedIn.

– Instagram.

– Snapchat.

– Pinterest.

It also takes a lot of time to grab users’ loyalty and make them click on adds or let them buy stuff from their stores.

5. Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click advertising also knows as PPC in short is a service in which marketers make a profit by selling other company services or products and they get a commission from it.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Pay per click gives markets money when someone clicks on their article or their blog. Every-time an ad is clicked or someone visits your website through someone’s given links they get a small portion of money from it.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a channel where you sell a product and offer distributes using an associate program.
In any case, you have a product and you need to generate easy revenue, at that point you may promote it and that can help you bring in cash as a partner advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing

The idea behind this is you advance and promote others’ items or administrations, normally through a partner framework.
Increasing a commission, if people truly end up buying as a result of your advertising abilities then the person is called an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is considered one of the best ways to deal with Affiliate incomes.
for example to automated revenue, which is additionally founded on the income sharing system.
Many organizations offer Affiliate Programs that guide you to acquire referrals for them and they give you a small fee.

7. Email Marketing

From request affirmations to bulletins, emails are a fundamental part of the development and the board of your business.
Promoting emails contain a particular source of inspiration bound to produce deals or carry traffic to explicit pages of your site.
It’s additionally an integral asset for making a network with someone.

digital marketing Internship

Email showcasing is tied in with advising, convincing, and winning the dependability of a contact base system that is keen on your item or administrations.
Email is an incredible channel since it has a certain level of closeness connected to it.
For some individuals, the inbox has become a curated space loaded up with messages from their preferred brands.

Email assumes a job in each phase of the purchaser cycle, at the data and prospection stage, during transformation, and later on for client maintenance.
By imparting legitimately into a contact’s email inbox, you have an extraordinary chance to be available in their everyday lives.
This is much more significant than an online networking post, where you can’t be certain if somebody has seen the message by any means. One of the most important aspects of email marketing is Scalability.

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is not the same as normal work in various manners.
Initial a freelancer can set its work-hours and can choose its own working pace.
This implies you will be the guardian with regards to time spent on tasks, charging, and making good on your expenses.
If you are ready to pick your customers and set your working hours.
As a self-employed entity, you have a state in how the work is finished and that is, the way you approach a particular undertaking, which gives you a great deal of artistic freedom.

Digital Marketing Jobs

The market for freelancers keeps on developing since there’s popularity across such a large number of ventures.

In general terms, abilities that require more instruction, for the most part, pay more than aptitudes which don’t require so a lot. Utilizing abilities you as of now can be a quick and reasonable approach to start making the move from conventional work. However, a freelancer mindset is like they are their boss.

There are unlimited amounts of jobs present in freelancing some of which are –

– Video/audio production

As a sound or video creation engineer you’ll work for radio or TV telecasters, recording or film studios, schools, show and live occasion makers, and organizations that hold gatherings or shows.
The online part of the video/audio production job comes under Digital Marketing.

– Interactive technology

Technologies that are made and created for all time running applications with an emphasis on human and client interface with ecological detecting. The major component is the creation of continuous applications.
This is a significant idea for intuitive innovation and a vivid plan.

– Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, computerized digital marketing plan for arriving at an interest group on their cell phones, tablets, and additionally other mobile gadgets, through websites, email, SMS, and MMS, internet-based technologies, and applications.
As clients have begun to move their consideration to mobile with these advertisers, to make genuine engagement.

– Writing and editing

An article is a bit of an informative story composed of a huge audience.
An article should be distributed in either news or blog to have some effect on the world it is the primary intention behind composing.
Article writing is one of the easiest skills someone can develop.
It works best for school and college students because they have a lot of time in their hands.
You can go to web sights and freelance for a while to make money.
Good article writers know what content to write and what not to write so they paid well.

– Content management

Many people have more than one page off blocks to run show their higher content managers and creators for doing their job.
They are paid well with lots of time in the head it works well as a part-time job.
For content management, you should need to know a few things like editing content managing websites, managing pages on social media, etc.

– App Development

As the name suggests an app developer is someone who develops apps for a living.
An app developer needs multiple sets of knowledge of programming languages and codes to make an app.
It requires very high skills as a very well paid job.
If you want to become an app developer you should first start by searching what are the most trending languages that you should learn before app development.
As new things released in the market you always have to learn.
It could be a very frustrating job if you don’t like computers or if you are not an introvert.

– Web design and development

Web designing is a similar job like app development but instead of apps you will be making websites with code or you can take the easy way out by learning WordPress or Wix.
This is one of the most well-paid jobs in the industry of digital marketing.
If you can master this particular skill you will never have to worry about money again.

– Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a multiple purpose job you could be designing from things like logos to posters and it is an easy skill to acquire.
You just have to learn Adobe software’s to do this job.
That you can start graphic designing after a month of learning and practicing the skill.

Some digital marketing interview questions you should prepare (FAQ)

Q. How much investment is required to start a digital marketing company?

Before starting a digital marketing company you need to have a plan.
To handle different parts of your business have to take at least five to six partners.
For the very first thing, you should need to know, what you will be doing with your digital marketing agency.
Also, what are the services that you are going to provide in your digital agency, and how many guys you are going to board initially to work for you?

As you start to answer these questions your plan will be ready and as a matter of fact, it is easy to start a company.
But it is very difficult to keep it running for or years to come you can follow a simple straight forward approach by registering your first LLP when you think that your company is starting to run smoothly it should not have any complaints or norms as in violation of company act.

It will hardly cost you around 10k to 20k to set an LLP and then another that 10k to 20 k to set up a Pvt ltd company name without an office.
As the features will increase the costs will also increase.

Q. Is it a good idea to start a digital marketing agency in 2020?

Yes, it is a fantastic idea because many digital marketing agencies have become successful began as a startup today.
You can start taking projects as a freelancer to slowly raise the money that you need to start a digital marketing agency.
After that, you can pick up big jobs with huge payments for a long time revenue.
It will take a lot of courage to leave your job or school or whatever you are working on right now but there are many people to inspire you with that and give you a lot of courage.
But you always have to remember that many people have tried this and failed miserably and you should be prepared for that also, winning and losing will only depend on how much harder and smarter you will work for your dream company.

Q. What do digital marketing companies do?

A digital marketing company is responsible for its clients to reach their target audience and help them to increase their visibility online.
They can be doing multiple things like

– Maintaining and managing content on a site or a block.
– Working with them to further develop their website or their ideas into its optimal limit.
– Writing the blogs, editing their scripts, creating content for them.
– Running Specific campaigns like on social media emails for them.
– Making landing pages or for them.
– They can also help them with men using their full social media profiles with its post and contents.
– Also, a digital marketing agency targets the development of a website or remaking an existing website or just creating a landing page for a customer.
– They are also responsible for SEO services like making their site appear on search engines like Google Yahoo etc.

Q. What is the scope of digital marketing in 10 years?

The scope of digital marketing is limitless and everyone should have the opportunity to grab a successful future.
By creating their own company which they own themselves.
It is very easy to learn one of the skills in digital marketing.
Due to which it is getting harder and harder to be successful at it.
If you want to become successful in digital marketing you have to be agile, alert, smart.
And adaptive to the latest changes before anyone else tries them.

The new changes in digital marketing not effected us.
In business, employment, and speculation.
Changing the situation of the business with the expanding effect of innovation will without a doubt make opening a company dangerous.
We manage the risk and gain profit as desired.

Considerably after such difficulties, Digital Marketing has just tossed a gigantic open door for little mid-scale and even venture level organizations.
To expand their business and to comprehend their clients they have to collaborate with the purchasers in a superior manner while building a drawn-out connection.
Digital Marketing surely helped organizations. With this, it additionally helped in workforce employment.
It got smarter to manufacture a brand as well as bring Leeds and even convert the leads.
The industry gave around 1000-2000 thousand advanced advertising related employments constantly 2018 and climbed towards 7000 – 8000 thousand occupations by 2019 which will continue for 2020 and coming a very long time also.

Q.What is a digital marketing internship?

A digital marketing internship is an entry-level position that allows interns to participate in amplitude tests.
They gain real-world experience.
A digital marketing interview is like a temporary job which is unpaid.
And you can hope to work there less frequently like up to 10 to 20 hours every week.
To fit the bill of advance achieving students you should likely take the internship seriously.
And meet the criteria provided by the internship organizers.
For the most part, you should have a bachelor’s degree or a college school degree to confirm your identification at the internship.

Q. How to create a professional Digital Marketing resume?

Start by choosing the right resume format.
Include your name and contact information.
Add a resume summary or goal.
List your soft and hard skills.
List your work as a Digital Marketer.
Include an education section.
Consider adding optional sections about you and related to your work.
Format your resume to look better.


the internet governed the world and every one holds a key to make money online.
By doing digital marketing.
Whenever you surf the internet you find adds of products and information about them this is due to digital marketing.

Digital marketing has become a very powerful force used by thousands and millions of users.
in their everyday life to earn money online.
There is an unlimited demand for things you can do to make money with digital marketing.
And some of these skills are search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, pay per click advertisement, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and freelancing.

You can easily grab one of the skills to start your online journey of making money with any skill you pic and it will help you in your future even if it doesn’t work out for you right now because the future of digital marketing is limitless.
Thank you for reading the article we hope that you found what you were looking for.
If you have any suggestion please feel free to tell us and we will be sure to act on it.