Quick Heal Internet Security 1 User for 3 Years Updates.

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Quick Heal Internet Security 1 User for 3 Years Updates.

Quick Heal Internet Security provides robust protection for your online activities, ensuring your PC remains safe from various cyber threats. Designed to secure financial transactions, block malicious websites, and offer advanced security features, Quick Heal Internet Security is a trusted solution for comprehensive internet safety.

Key Features:

  1. Online Activity Protection:

    • Safeguards your online activities, including banking, chatting, emailing, and browsing.
    • Creates a secure network environment to protect against cyber threats.
  2. Financial Transaction Security:

    • Protects financial transactions from being intercepted by malicious entities.
    • Prevents falling into phishing traps designed to steal financial details.
  3. Automatic Website Blocking:

    • Blocks infected, fake, and phishing websites automatically.
    • Protects against ransomware by securing sensitive data and preventing data leaks.
  4. Safe Banking:

    • Ensures secure online banking without fear of cyber threats.
    • Includes a browser sandbox for secure browsing sessions.
  5. Parental Control:

    • Provides robust parental control features to safeguard children online.
  6. Advanced Firewall:

    • Offers a powerful firewall to protect against hacking attempts.
    • Ensures comprehensive malware protection and anti-key logger features to secure passwords.
  7. Enhanced Scanning and Protection:

    • Improved scan engine for faster and more efficient scanning.
    • Advanced DNA scan and vulnerability scan for thorough threat detection.
    • Features virtual keyboard and flash drive protection.
    • Safe mode protection for enhanced self-defense.
    • Silent mode for uninterrupted work and night operations.
  8. Remote Device Management (RDM):

    • Allows remote access to security settings and actions via mobile.
    • Includes features like Track My Laptop to locate lost devices.
  9. System Requirements:

    • Compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or later.
    • Requires 1.1 GB hard disk space.
    • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP (Service Pack 2 and later), and Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4).
    • Internet connection needed for updates.
  10. Installation Process:

    • Download the installer from Quick Heal website.
    • Save and run the file to download the EXE file.
    • Follow the installation steps: agree to terms, register the product with your purchased key.


Quick Heal Internet Security is a comprehensive and reliable solution for protecting your online activities, financial transactions, and sensitive data from various cyber threats. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a preferred choice for ensuring robust internet security.


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